Little German Package.

Big Hollywood Track-record.

This talented, young Singer/Songwriter is a vocal power-house who earned a reputation as the “person to call at the 11th hour when your movie needs radio-quality original music”. Armed with an elite team, her own production and publishing company, COLA Music Group, and a keen business sense, Verenice was able to place her music in Dozens of TV shows and feature films. She recorded her first song at 13, which immediately got placed in a Disney Film starring Melissa Joan Hart.
After losing 120lbs since 2012, this effervescent diva is ready to step out from the darkness of her vocal booth, and into the limelight. What’s her next humble life-goal? “I’d really just like to tear Europe a new one…I’m going to blow all of Germany [away]…musically speaking, that is.”

The Music

Missing Me



You Don't Know Me

Against The World

More Music


Run Girl Run

Never Give Up

Show Me Off

International Fanbase

Without any official promotional efforts, ever being signed, or ever having management, Verenice has managed to gain an international fan base and has over 8000 Likes on Facebook – all made up of people who have heard her music on their favorite movies and television shows.



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colamusicgrouplogoCOLA Music Group is a music production and publishing company co-founded by Verenice Buerling.

This amazing team of experienced musicians, composers, engineers and artists focuses on making songs tailored for film and Television, and is continually building on what is becoming a huge library of original music.

With studios located in Los Angeles, California and Cologne, Germany – COLA Music is using their bilingual President to her fullest extent by sending her from one continent to another to work with the world’s best music professionals.

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